Integrated Drilling and Production System

IDPS Applications

The Integrated Drilling and Production System (IDPS) functionality and design will be specifically suited for

Shallow reservoirs

With the shallow CAN installed, well path may be kicked off immediately below the CAN, enabling optimum reach to your shallow reservoir if required.

Subsea Satellites

The IDPS provides a perfect match for your single well tie backs, and improve schedule, cost and flexibility for your project.

Short life tie backs

The IDPS enables rig free plugging and abandonment of your production well. This cuts your abandonment costs with up to 80%, and improve short life well economics.

Remote locations

The IDPS is fully integrated, pre assembled and tested onshore and fits perfectly for vessel installations in remote locations.

The IDPS can be pre installed on a number of foundations to achieve the design benefits.

Single subsea well W/CAN

The IDPS may be pre installed on a CAN foundation system.


Twin IDPS may be applied to co-mingle two wellbores into one flowline, and will fit into a single CAN foundations system.

Single subsea well template

The IDPS may be installed on a single well template structure to allow pre installation.

Mulitiple IDPS template

The Single or Twin IDPS systems may be arranged such that multiple wells can be reached from a single drilling and production rig location. Up to 12 wells may be reached from a large jackup facility.

The IDPS system will provide schedule flexibility, benefits and reduced costs both for subsea floating production and fixed platforms

Floating production systems

The IDPS will normally be used for subsea tie back to shore or floating production systems.

Fixed platforms

The IDPS may also be used as subsea tie backs to fixed jackup type production facilities.

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