Integrated Drilling System

IDS Business Case

The IDS may improve well economics due to a number of cost reduction factors from applying the IDS well design.  

Contact NST to conduct a detailed business case for your application.  NST may assist you with identifying the most cost effective solution for your well design. 


The IDS well design will result in reduction in pipe handling, base activity, and vessel movements, lowering logistics cost

Vessel vs Rig

The IDS well design moves activity from rig to vessel, significantly lowering the cost per day for installation activities

Rig type

The IDS will improve economics of selecting a single activity rig over a expensive dual activity rig. The open water activities are significantly reduced with the pre-installed well foundation. Well economics may improve further for moored rigs in combination with the IDS design, due to potential synergies of combining IDS installation with pre-laid mooring.

Water depth

IDS well design economics improve with increased water depth, as the open water activities such as tripping become more critical for overall well construction efficiency

Installation and removal

The IDS will be installed and removed by using a vessel only, no rig will be required to establish the well foundation. The IDS will facilitate a robust slim design with efficient P&A activities. The IDS slim well design may include the 13 3/8” seamless casing in first hanger position, which allows for high differential pressure, liners over casings, efficient well construction, well testing and P&A activities

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