Integrated Drilling System

IDS Delivery and Lead Time

The IDS can be supplied to operator in 4-12 months lead time, where the lead time largely depends on level of commitment, SPS supplier selection and IDS rental pool availability.  

To secure delivery, NST encourage the operator to place an early commitment for long lead items such as SPS HPWHH and forgings.

Pre qualified SPS suppliers

SPS suppliers which have gone through design verifications and qualification for their HPWHH with integrated compact flange may typically require 6-9 months lead time

SPS suppliers to be qualified

SPS suppliers which require internal engineering and design qualification will typically add 3 months lead time and be able to supply its HPWHH with compact flange design in 9-12 months.

Rental pool

If there is availability in the IDS and HPWHH rental pool, lead time and delivery will be less than 4 months.


Typically manufacturing time for the IDS, CAN and HPWHH is 6-12 months.

Integrated - Simplified - Designed - Engineered - Manufactured - Assembled - Delivered by

In cooperation with your preferred SPS supplier