Integrated Drilling System

IDS description

One Integrated Unit

The Integrated Drilling System (IDS) is fully assembled and tested onshore, and pre installed on well location prior to rig arrivial, and is designed to allow the full well construction program to be executed through the system.

Installation and retrieval

The IDS is installed and retrieved by vessel and ROV. No rig will be required.

High Pressure Wellhead Housing

The High Pressure Wellhead Housing (HPWHH) will be supplied by the SPS supplier as per NST specifications, and is machined from one forging. The HPWHH will have standard H4 profile up, standard internal profiles for the applicable well construction program., and a compact flange profile down as per NST design and specifications.

Compact Flange

The Compact Flange is a high strength connection which connects the HPWHH and the CWSDA, with design and specifications from NST in cooperation with TP Connectors.

Compact Well Stress Distribution Adaptor

The Compact Well Stress Distrubution Adapter (CWSDA) is delivered by NST and is machinened from one forging and will be welded to the structural components of the suction anchor (CAN by Neodrill).

Well Construction Adaptor Subs

Applicable arrangements of well construction adapter subs will be installed below the CWSDA to facilitate cementing evacuation and the applicable well construction program.

Suction Anchor (CAN)

The CAN suction anchor will be delivered by Neodrill as per standard specifications.

Well Construction material

Applicable well construction material such as casing hangers, seal assemblies and running tools will be supplied by the SPS supplier.

Integrated - Simplified - Designed - Engineered - Manufactured - Assembled - Delivered by

In cooperation with your preferred SPS supplier