Trond Melhus, Project Manager – IDPS

Stian Sele, Project Coordinator – IDPS
Stian is has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and has 15 years of experience within the industry. The last 9 years he has been involved in construction and commissioning of Drill Ships and Semi-rigs in South Korea representing Odfjell Drilling and Shell.

Bjørn Schmidt, Project manager – IDS
Bjørn is educated from Stavanger University with a MSc in Petroleum Technology, and has 15 years of Industry experience from AS Norske Shell, where he has held a number of positions within Well Engineering and Operations.

Arthur Evertsen, Project planner

Bjørn Hamre, Senior Subsea Engineer – IDPS

Bjørn Andersen, Technical Illustrator

Eli Søndenå, Document Control

Bill Leighton, HSSEQ Manager
Educated in Electrical Engineering and Process Control a vastly experienced HSSEQ Manager, trainer, mentor and coach. Wide-ranging global expertise developed working in Heavy Industry and major Oil and Gas operators and service support companies.

Daniel Hektoen, Finance Manager
Daniel is educated MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Handelshøyskolen BI, and has held several senior finance, plan and strategy positions over the last 13 years in AS Norske Shell.

Jonathan Keenan, CP Manager