New Subsea Technology As deliver field development case studies for operators documenting significant cost reduction

New Subsea Technology AS (NST) has delivered case studies for two different field developments for operators where the conventional subsea well systems have been replaced with the Integrated Drilling and Production System (IDPS). The reports show more than 5 billion NOK CAPEX savings for each of the initial field developments, and a significant improvement in Field Economics.


The IDPS is an integrated subsea well drilling and production system, which is assembled onshore and pre-installed on the seabed. The system facilitates all well construction activities through the system, and can be hooked up to production immediately. The IDPS can target most subsea tie back or full field developments.


“NST is committed to work with operators to introduce a new set of tools and practices for the industry to achieve sustainable cost savings for offshore subsea wells”, says CEO, Thor Lovoll. “The IDPS represents the first new approach of delivering subsea wells with more integration, less interfaces, simpler systems and taking advantage of already proven components and technologies. The IDPS system delivers fit for purpose, and sustained cost reduction with improved margins for both suppliers and operators. NST is taking the lead role to make it happen”, says Thor Lovoll.



Stavanger, july, 2017

Thor Løvoll, CEO


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