Product Release by NST - IDS

Integrated Drilling System, IDS by NST

New Subsea Technology will deliver its first commercial product in Q3 2018, after signing a contract with Aker BP to deliver it´s Integrated Drilling System for Exploration wells.  NST brings innovation through simplification and integration of design functions, compatible with todays conventional well construction equipment.

The IDS is assembled onshore, pre installed by vessel prior to drilling the well, and is designed to allow all well construction through the system.  The IDS has enhanced strength and fatigue life compared to conventional well foundations.

“The IDS is the first step on our journey to improve the well construction activities, bringing innovation through simplification and integration, allowing for a sustainable and cost effective future for subsea well construction”, according to Thor Løvoll, CEO of NST.

Integrated - Simplified - Designed - Engineered - Manufactured - Assembled - Delivered by

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